The Emerging WDM EPON

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ISBN: 978-86-7466-449-0
Broj izdanja: 1
Godina izdanja: 2012
Akademska Misao/Academic Mind
Jezik: Srpski
Povez: B5 tvrdi
Broj strana: 226
Petar Matavulj
Mirjana Radivojević
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O knjizi:

Throughout the chapters of this book, we address many of the specified issues and present models and algorithms that we believe could resolve these issues. Moreover, we are convinced that the hardware implementation of the presented models and algorithms would operate in a foreseen manner and would not involve any additional implementation complexity. In the first place, we present a theory of differentiated services that essentially represents a basis for the QoS implementation in Ethernet-based networks since the QoS support has become a crucial requirement for a converged broadband access network with heterogeneous traffic. Furthermore, we present a detailed analysis and discuss the most important aspects of QoS support and implementation in networks that are based on optical transmission, particularly EPONs and WDM EPONs.